Children’s Christmas Store A Blessing To More Than The Children

This past Saturday we held our Children’s Christmas Store. This store is open to the public and includes items donated and purchased. These items are set out and children are able to come in and pick out gifts for their parents, grandparents, and siblings free of charge. Many volunteers help make this happen as some work in registering the children and parents, some assist the kids in picking out items, and others wrap the gifts for them.


We had 79 children from our community and various other cities around us make their way through the store that day. Over 500 gifts were wrapped! What was the most priceless part of it were the children’s reactions. Their appreciation, joy, and excitement while they sought out the perfect gift for their loved ones made it all worthwhile. This brought a special blessing to all who helped make this possible. We look forward to next year and thank the Lord for giving us this opportunity to bless those families.

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